WeBe Works is a trusted name here in San Marcos. All of our staff members are certified and wear protective gear while on the job. One of our supervisors will visit throughout your site to not only ensure that you are satisfied but also to identify any areas that need special attention OR additional attention.

We will come in and do a complete cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing service to curb potential infections in your home or business. Our service is non-toxic and safe for children, animals, and yourself.

This process includes spraying an electrostatically charged mist directly onto surfaces in order to completely disinfect and sanitize them. 

Bacteria are microscopic and can live on many different surfaces. Call the experts at WeBe Works to effectively clean and disinfect your retail space, office or home environment.

WeBe Works is your local decontamination experts to help protect your home and office from unwanted germs and bacteria.

We use advanced technology to effectively kill and remove germs from your home and office space.